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So what makes us different?



As the saying goes a guide can make or break a holiday. As well as knowing a phenomenal amount, being very practical and organized, guides also have to understand people, be leaders, motivators, diplomats, medics, even nannies sometimes….. the list is endless and we feel that it is partly this variety that makes the job so rewarding. We have gathered together a team of Buddhist, english-speaking, government-licensed specialists in their fields who all share a deep love and knowledge of their country, pride themselves on very high levels of professionalism and attention to detail but above all are always ready to go that extra mile with grace and humour. Between us our small team has amassed over one hundred years of guiding experience – Meet the Guides


Specialist expertise

As you will see in our all our guides have been running active and culture tours for many years but we also invited them join the co-operative for what they can offer by way of their specialism. For your trip of a lifetime you are entitled to the very best and amongst our happy band of guides we feel we have some of the best fly fishermen, mountain bikers, trekkers, naturalists, watermen, photographers and cultural guides Bhutan has to offer. In addition our Guest Leaders (from an artist to a yoga teacher) run regular special interest tours in association with Guides Of Bhutan.


Guides of Bhutan understand that just getting to us and touring the country can be an adventure in itself and that that may be more than enough for many travelers. However we endeavor to take you deeper - out of your bus or car - to fully engage with the Kingdom of Bhutan, its people, culture and landscapes through a whole range of activities from biking to the national sport of archery, a puja (pilgrimage) to a remote monastery or a round of golf at the Royal Thimphu course to perhaps fly fishing, attending festivals, photography, whitewater rafting. To get the most from your precious time in the Land Above the Clouds, Guides Of Bhutan offer a whole range of immersive experiences from tailormade exclusive luxury tours to set adventure itineraries for both groups and individuals plus fund raising charitable challenges. 
A Guide Co-operative
The Guides Of Bhutan co-operative was set up to support some of the unsung heroes of the travel industry, to give some of the top Bhutanese guides a future beyond seasonally insecure employment, through the part ownership and management of their own business in association with our British partner.
Pioneering Spirit
In so many ways Bhutan is an unexplored and wild part of the himalaya and that is of course a big part of its attraction for travelers. Members of our team have been responsible for pioneering first descents of rivers, remote bike trails and rediscovering once forgotten tiny temples and monasteries deep in the mountains. Recce and research are a big aspect of what we do, we relish the notion of getting “off the beaten path” – why not join us?
As well as reaching out to the wider world we are keen to become a supportive and positive force in our own community. One mission is to inspire more Bhutanese people to travel by bicycle by providing access for school kids and young monks to cheap bikes, teaching them to ride safely and how to maintain their machines we can introduce them to the joys and health benefits of two wheel travel. We also run bike workshops for local guides wishing to add another string to their bows. We are involved in local initiatives to repair and maintain trails and pick up litter and assisted with the renovation of a remote monastery with the addition of a shower and toilet block for the resident young monks. Check our tweets for news of our latest projects.
An Invaluable Resource
Guides Of Bhutan has a reputation as an invaluable source of information and advice related to adventure, wildlife, culture and travel in Bhutan and we welcome you to test us with a question or two. We are confident that one of us will be able to shed some light or at least know of someone locally who can help. In the past we have drawn on our intimate local knowledge and resources to assist both overseas and local tour operators, many event organizers and media clients including filmmakers, fashion, food and travel photographers and journalists.  In addition we are a creative source for travel based advertising, marketing and media professionals, offering a comprehensive database of photography and we are also available for photographic commissions.