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About Us

Guides of Bhutan (GoB) is a locally owned Guides’ Co-operative and Tour Operator (ABTO License No.1026749) based in Paro, Bhutan and with a UK presence. 
We are a dynamic band of friends and colleagues with over one hundred years of guiding experience between us. Drawn together by our deep love of and unfailing interest in the Kingdom and a shared vision of what it takes to make a journey in Bhutan the trip of a lifetime for our guests whilst also being of benefit to the local community.
Drawing on a winning combination of our unique understanding and knowledge of the country, personal friendships and contacts, guiding experience, training and each guide’s particular field of expertise, we offer the traveler unparalleled access to this extraordinary Himalayan Kingdom’s rural, Buddhist soul.
The team at Guides of Bhutan invites you for fascinating and uplifting adventures in the precious realm of the Thunder Dragon. At every turn we endeavor to unlock some of the Kingdom’s secrets through a range of immersive activities from biking to painting, wilderness camping to a puja, archery to yoga or to just show you around our Himalayan home if you prefer. 
We guide a wide range of themed small group adventures in Bhutan each year or if you have preferred travel dates allow us to design a very personal experience for you and/or your friends and family tailored specifically to your specific needs and interests, but always leaving room for a sprinkling of that magical Bhutanese serendipity.
Join us beyond the sky and the clouds!
Tashi Delek
Tashi Delek